Additional warehouse capacity at Vaskiluoto

Additional warehouse capacity at Vaskiluoto Vasklot warehouse

A new 4,000 square metre storage facility has been completed for Blomberg Stevedoring in Vaasa. Designed for handling bulk products, the facility is divided into 4 sections of 1,000 sq. m; each section accommodates from 2,500 to 3,000 tonnes, depending on the specific weight of the product. This is just the size of a typical agribulk shipment. The storage facility was completed in February and has been fully used since then, mainly due to increased volumes of grain exports. In addition to bulk traffic, the new facility also benefits other cargo shipping at the port because it frees up useful space in storage buildings at Vaskiluoto for the needs of growing project traffic.

Kuvateksti: Usablity, cleanability and a high standard of hygiene were the principal criteria used in planning and implementing the storage facility. All interior surfaces are smooth and the warehouse is equipped with LED lighting.