The Port of Vaasa provides excellent conditions for project transports

 MG 3560The Port of Vaasa is ready to serve project traffic. The Port of Vaasa, the City of Vaasa and Blomberg Stevedoring, have worked together to developed the port’s long-term service capacity and invested several million euro in the handling chain. 

The renewed Vaskiluoto Bridge, which enables smooth freight of heavy units to the port, was finalized early this summer. The lifting and handling capacity of heavy and bulky cargo have been strengthened to handle units weighing up to 200 tons and more. The latest investment is Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab’s combined translifter and cassette system for moving heavy loads on the port’s premises. 

“Ample storage facilities, warehouses and open air storage, have been built over the last years, and in this year a storage area covering 4,000 m2 will be built”, says Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab’s managing director Sakari Mäki-Fränti. Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab is continuing to invest in its project expertise and more logistics professionals have been employed in order to meet the growing demand. Other long-term areas of development are renewal of the south harbour road as well as an improvement of the rail road connection.