72 massive wind power plant components handled in three days

One of the largest vessels to ever visit the Port of Vaasa arrived on Sunday morning. 38 000 tonne heavy and 190 metre long Tian Zhen carries 72 wind power plant components for wind power plants in the south of Finland. Lifting the components and loading them onto transport carriers is the responsibility of port operator Blomberg Stevedoring.

The stevedores began dispatching the cargo on Monday and were able to finish ahead of schedule two days later. According to stevedore supervisor Lars-Åke Ahlmark everything went as planned, despite the great challenges posed by component size and weight.

Handling of the wind power plant components places special demands on staff and equipment alike. Despite the difficulty, both lifting and moving proceed smoothly thanks to Blomberg Stevedoring’s skilled staff who have learned to handle even the most demanding cargoes. Wind power plant components for more than a hundred wind farms in Finland have been handled by us since imports via the Port of Vaasa began in 2014.

In recent years Blomberg Stevedoring has invested heavily in project cargo handling. Heavy-duty cranes and handling equipment has been acquired and new storage capacity has been built at the Port. Field areas have also been expanded with projects like wind power plants in mind.

For more information about project cargoes or other services offered by Blomberg Stevedoring, please contact Sales Manager Tom Slotte.