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Blomberg Stevedoring is your reliable choice for exceptional stevedoring services, with a focus on agri-bulk, challenging project cargoes, and value-adding warehousing solutions. Our expertise in these areas ensures that even the most demanding and unique cargo requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

Our team possesses the expertise and utilizes advanced equipment tailored to the handling of products that require top-tier care and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Furthermore, our operations strictly adhere to GTP standards, guaranteeing the utmost quality and efficiency in all our processes. Our robust equipment capacity, such as cassettes from 40 to 80 tons, allows versatile handling of diverse loads.

Our main products: agribulk, industrial raw materials, paper, steel, project cargoes


Tailored services

We offer customer-specific tailored services to ensure that your individual needs are met. Our extensive experience, flexibility, and wide network of partners enable us to provide services that align perfectly with the customer’s requirements. We combine top-notch expertise with a customer-centric approach to offer you the best possible stevedoring service.


Efficient cargo handling

Blomberg Stevedoring is committed to delivering top-tier stevedoring services. Our approach combines modern, efficient methods with a strong emphasis on professionalism and hygiene, ensuring that your cargo is handled efficiently and securely. Whether it’s loading or unloading, our services are designed to streamline your operations and minimize downtime.


Certified operations

Since June 2005, we’ve adhered to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environmental practices in our operations. We also hold GTP certification for agribulk products handling. Moreover, our AEO status from Finnish Customs guarantees secure material flow and document security for our customers. With a focus on safety and quality, we have developed procedures and protocols to meet the unique needs of various industries.

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Ship agency services

In addition to our core offerings, we provide ship agency services by our KWH Logistics sister company Galea Shipping. Their experienced professionals are at vessels disposal 24/7. Galea Shipping is all about quick problem-solving, top-notch customer service, and flexible solutions, making ship clearance a breeze for you. From documentation to compliance, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the smooth operation of your cargo.

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