Roll-on Roll-off cargo

We offer flexible RoRo, short for “Roll-On Roll-Off,” services for efficient cargo transport, where vehicles and goods are easily rolled on and off the ship using specially designed ramps and cargo bays. RoRo ensures cargo security and is the go-to choice for those seeking hassle-free and reliable transportation.

RoRo is versatile and suitable for a wide range of cargo, whether it’s on wheels or static. We provide RoRo traffic with flexible tonnage for all types of cargo. Typically, we handle cargoes ranging from 40 to 60 tonnes, but we can also accommodate loads as heavy as 300 tonnes.

Our main products: paper, concrete, drywall, aluminum, containers

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Why choose RoRo

RoRo shipping is a favored choice for certain cargo due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and versatility. Cargo preparation is minimal, which reduces the risk of damaging products. Loading and unloading processes are significantly faster and more streamlined than container shipping. RoRo vessels typically leave a smaller environmental footprint compared to airfreight and other shipping choices, making them a greener option.


Cargo suitable for RoRo

RoRo ships are designed for cargo that can be driven on and off, such as passenger vehicles and construction equipment. Products like concrete elements are placed on cassettes with wheels and then rolled on and of the vessel using terminal tractors with lift-trailers. Blomberg Stevedoring has, among other things, Finland’s largest terminal tractor, which makes RoRo cargo suitable for almost any type of cargo.



We provide daily connections to Umeå and weekly connections to the continent through our RoRo traffic services. Umeå in Sweden serves as a vital transport hub, particularly for freight transportation, providing connections by ships, trains, and roads to various parts of the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe.

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