Sustainable collaboration in wind power components

The collaboration between Vestas and Blomberg Stevedoring in handling heavy wind power components logistics is based on trust.

Blomberg Stevedoring has been handling wind power components in the ports of Vaasa and Kalajoki for over a decade. The process includes various stages from unloading to storage and loading. Handling massive wind power components, some weighing almost 100 tons and over 80 meters long, requires robust equipment, of which Blomberg’s handy mobile harbour cranes are a prime example. The combined lifting capacity of the port’s cranes is over 250 tons. In addition to lifting capacity, storage space is essential – Vaasa offers an extensive 12 hectares. More important than capacity is solid expertise. 

“In handling wind power components, safety is a top priority” says Björn Knutar, Sales Manager at Blomberg Stevedoring. “Safe and efficient operations require professionalism and a positive attitude, qualities for which our stevedores and supervisors are well-known.”

Safety First

In Vaasa, over 1,000 wind power components are handled processed annually, with a significant portion belonging to Vestas Finland Oy. Vestas is a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions with over 40 years of experience in wind power. Operating in Vaasa for several years, Vestas Finland Oy is one of the key players in Finland’s wind power sector. The operations in Vaasa have grown rapidly in recent years, emphasizing excellent customer service, responsibility, and safety, values nurtured in collaboration with strong suppliers such as Blomberg Stevedoring. 

“We have been working with Blomberg in Vaasa and Kalajoki for several years”, says Transportation expert Annika Wiklund, Vestas Finland Oy. “The collaboration has been successful.” 

Wiklund emphasizes safety as the top priority in handling substantial components, based on professionalism and, among other things, good, open communication. Adherence to quality standards and staying on schedule are also crucial. Wiklund highlights that the supplier must understand Vestas’ principles and requirements for component handling. 

“Blomberg understands the importance of careful handling of our components”, says Wiklund. We have great trust, and we are developing our operations together. 

One example of smooth cooperation is the delivery of 36 wind turbines for the Ilmatar Energy Alajärvi wind farm project at the beginning of the year, which included 36 wind turbines. Handling large component quantities required well-planned transports and transfers, as well as significant storage capacity, which was managed through excellent collaboration. 

“Successful port operations are an essential part of the inland logistics chain and a crucial aspect of the project’s successful implementation, in which we succeeded well in this significant Alajärvi project” says Petri Ainonen, Construction Manager at Ilmatar Energy. 

Developing infrastructure

Vaasa’s port infrastructure is being developed to serve project deliveries even better. 

“The fairway is being widened so that even the largest vessels carrying wind power components can pass through” says Knutar. 

In addition, the quay is being extended to accommodate two large vessels side by side. The flexibility and efficiency-enhancing updates are ready by 2024. Additionally, Blomberg Stevedoring is expanding its operations to Kemi, enabling the handling of wind power components even further in northern Finland. 

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